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Hard water and how it effects your hair.

April 2nd 2021

Ever wondered why when you go on holiday your hair behaves in a different way? It's all to do with the water. 

We are based in an area that has hard water. What does that mean? Essentially its water that has a build up of chemicals, including magnesium and calcium within. Whilst drinking hard water has moderate health benefits, it isn't quite so good for your hair. Sadly.

The build up of those minerals and salts leave a coating on the outer shaft of your hair. This coating makes it difficult for moisture permeate in and out of the hair shaft and ultimately leads to damage.

In 2016, a survey was undertaken on the effects of women hair subjected to hard water and boiled water for 30 days. The hair subjected to hard water had decreased in thickness and had a ruffled appearance (cuticle damage).

Furthermore a study involving males discovered that hard water effects the hair on a more long term basis and leads to breakages. When hair is weak it thins.

So what can be done? Fitting a water softener in your home is a great solution That will help save your hair and your white goods! Its a costly option though.

A visit to the hair salon can help repair and avoid some of that damage, especially if your aim is ensure that your hair density is not compromised further by hard water.

 At M.a.s.k, we offer cleansing and moisturising treatments that help remove that film and inject some protein and moisture back in to the hair. Also, we have a specialised hard water well hair treatment that incorporates everything your hair needs to help get it back on the path to recovery. This is science based hairdressing.

Study One :

Study Two:

The science behind Olpalex

March 22nd 2021

You can feel and see the difference when you include Olaplex in your hair service.When using bleach or freehand clay, I always add Olaplex in to the mix. This helps prevent damage internally.

The cortex of your hair is where all the chemical processes occur. (If you imagine a pencil; it has the lead in the middle, the wooden area surrounding this and on the outside is the thin, shiny plastic coloured area. Each single strand of hair is built like that pencil. The cortex is the big wooden area inside.) When you bleach the hair a process occurs where the natural and artificial colour is removed from your hair; this creates Oxymelanin.

This process unfortunately weakens the permanent, strong di-sulphide bonds within the cortex that hold everything together. These are actually your keratin bonds.

Bleach isn't the only thing that damages you hair in this way. Perming, chemical straighteners, repeated heat and even exposure to sunlight can cause further damage.

When damaged those bonds split apart in to single sulphur atoms. It can take up to three days to recover and rebound from bleaching and other professional chemical services. (That's why you should wash your hair immediately after a perm or Keratin treatment).

Olaplaex contains ingredients which create an artificial bridge between the two single sulphur components and that bridge happens a lot quicker than the usual three days. This means the damage that normally occurs when adding chemicals to your hair is reduced. A lot.

So why isn't it used by everyone if it does such  great job? Part of the process takes at least an extra 20 minute treatment and an extra shampoo and condition to get it out of your hair for optimum results. Time is money and not all hair professionals want to offer the service.

It is also available as a salon strength stand alone treatment. When you hair is feeling thirsty and in need of some extra care, it is one of the best treatments for your hair. 

Retail products are also available to purchase so you can continue supporting your hair with everything you need at home, in between salon appointments though they aren't the same strength as those available in salon.

With a knowledgeable, educated hair professional and the correct products there is no need to fear bleach. This is maintaining the integrity of your hair. This is socially responsible hair. This is science based hairdressing.

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